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The ultimate zombie apocalypse hack-and-slash adventure! Pushing the boundaries of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, creating a visually stunning and innovative Minecraft Marketplace game.

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Adventure awaits!

Our first adventure-style map. It features a huge world, three boss fights, and lots of custom weapons for all your Zombie slashing fun.

Innovative cutscene technology allowed us to craft one of the most epic boss fight introductions ever. Players slash through hordes of different zombies, collect golden statue parts, and fight for the most kills obtained.

Zombies Logo
Zombies Screenshot Scientist
Zombies Screenshot Town Hall
Zombies Screenshot Camp Site
Zombies Screenshot Circus
Zombies Screenshot Military


Zombies are coming! Don’t panic. Keep it cool.

Zombies Boss Laser Beam Zombies Car
Zombies Nuclear Power Plant
Zombies Parliament


Abdou S., Alex Bruijniks, Antoine B., Colin D'Souza, Ekain Agirre, Florian Funke, Irma G., Jace Blears, Jannis Peterson, Julius P., Liam Bevin, Lukas Scheuerle, Malakai Breckenridge, Markus Sillén, Marvin Schürz, Matthew Baldwin, Naarek Avagian, Nash S., Quinton Chan, Rafael Fritsche, Roel Bisschops, Samuel Till, Sultan Taha, Thomas Pichler, Tyler Philcox and Vilim Muršić.

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InsaneCraft Bedrock Edition


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