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TubNet Launch

One of the most highly anticipated Minecraft servers of recent years, we helped TubNet launch their brand with style at TwitchCon 2022!

Animation Film

Tubnet Tubbo Minecraft Server Thumbnail

We brought the city to life, setting the scene for players, and showcasing some of the key gameplay features of the server.

Tubnet Tubbo Minecraft Server Selfie
Tubnet Tubbo Minecraft Server Character
Tubnet Tubbo Minecraft Server Hello
Tubnet Tubbo Minecraft Server Minecraft City

The subsequent marketing campaign comprised of several more animations designed to introduce the story and mini games elements of the Minecraft server.

Tubnet Tubbo Crystal Rush Screenshot 1
Tubnet Tubbo Crystal Rush Screenshot 2

Story, lighting, and music each played a big part in setting the tone for the more mysterious side of New Block City.

Tubnet Tubbo Lighting Strike Screenshot 1
Tubnet Tubbo Lighting Strike Screenshot 2


Vilim Muršić, Lauren Shuckburgh, Rafael Fritsche, Felipe Franco, Quinton Dean Chan, Tommaso Maurutto, Irma Gallo, Abdou S., Sultan Taha, Irma Gallo, Tyler Philcox, Alex Bruijniks, Ilya Vdovyuk, Ekain Agirre, Thomas Pichler, Mac McGee, Lucas Webley, Katie Hagaman, Tony Wijs and Alex Brodie.

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YouTube One Trillion Views

Animation Film Motion Social

Mcc Minecraft Championship Island Pose 16x9
MCC Island

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