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Taking a step outside of our usual blocky style, we were excited to produce a unique animation for the tea brewing companion app, Steeped!

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Steeped App Tea Thumbnail

With Steepy the mascot, and an upbeat track, we designed a video that encompasses Steeped's values of brewing and community.

Steeped App Tea Dancing
Steeped App Tea Leaves
Steeped App Tea Pouring

The monochromatic color scheme brings a simplicity to the ad and helps to solidify the brand in the minds of anyone watching.

Steeped App Tea Concept


Vilim Muršić, Lauren Shuckburgh, Felipe Franco, Quinton Dean Chan, Gabriel Moura, Irma Gallo, Abdou S., Tommaso Maurutto, Ekain Agirre, Irma Gallo, Liam Bevin, Kay Hilman, Vatsal Baria, Tyler Philcox, Alex Bruijniks, Vdovyuk Ilya Vladimirovich, Jordan Osborne and Thomas Pichler

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