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St Jude's GCX Finale

Creating the stage show finale of the Gaming Community Expo 2022 and raising money for an important cause.

Event Game

Gcx Gaming Community Expo 2022 Atlantis Underwater

Multi Stage Event

We created three stages for contestants to compete in. First, they have to safely make it through the traps of the jungle temple, then explore an underwater stage and collect relics to progress to the final boss fight.

Three beautiful environments, the jungle temple, atlantis, and the end, set the stage for our contenstants.

Gcx Gaming Community Expo 2022 Jungle Temple
Gcx Gaming Community Expo 2022 Ender Dragon Fight


Benjamin Grindrod, Callum Bugajski, Daniel Dalton, David Carbon, Ekain Agirre, Florian Funke, Gabriel Gould, Miha Mitic, Nash Swiderek, Rafael Fritsche, Samuel Till, Thomas Ecklbauer, Vilim Mursic and Vladyslav Lychanyi.

Product Red Creator Cup Thumbnail
(RED) Creator Cup

Event Game Social

Gcx Gaming Community Expo 2022 Atlantis Underwater
St Jude's GCX Finale

Event Game

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