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SpongeBob DLC

We worked with Nickelodeon to bring your favorite underwater chums to Minecraft! Are you ready, kids? Ooooooh…

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SpongeBob Minecraft Thumbnail

More Square Than Ever

In this immersive world, players join SpongeBob to create the best day ever for the citizens of Bikini Bottom.

SpongeBob Minecraft SpongeBob Patrick Sandy Conch Street
SpongeBob Minecraft Riding Roller Coaster Glove World Patrick
SpongeBob Minecraft Squidward Clarinet Concert
SpongeBob Minecraft SpongeBob Bedroom

Take a trip to Mrs. Puff's Boating School, grab a shift at the Krusty Krab, or hang out with your pals and do a little jellyfishing... The world's your oyster!

SpongeBob Minecraft Jellyfishing
SpongeBob Minecraft Primitive SpongeBob Patrick Squidward Kelp Forest
SpongeBob Minecraft Sandy Rocket
SpongeBob Minecraft Mr Krabs Krusty Krab

Wait… Memes? You want memes? Okay.
You asked, and we delivered.

Nickelodeon tasked us with re-creating the most iconic SpongeBob memes in Minecraft style. Enjoy!

SpongeBob Minecraft Meme Confused Construction Patrick SpongeBob Minecraft Meme Imma Head Oout SpongeBob Minecraft Meme Primitive SpongeBob

Cannons & Pizza!

We brought even more fun down the ocean floor on our 2023 update with a visit from the Flying Dutchman and his ship, and a pizza delivery mini-game with Pearl!

Spongebob Minecraft Thumbnail Update
Spongebob Minecraft Pizza Delivery Boulder
Spongebob Minecraft Mrkrabs Pearl
Spongebob Minecraft Flying Dutchman Ship Cannon


Albin Ullerstam, Alexey Gorbachevsky, Aza Hillion, Benjamin Grindrod, Colin D’Souza, Daniel Dalton, Ekain Agirre, Florian Funke, Gabriel Gould, Irma Gallo, Jannis Petersen, John Hoffmann, Lauren Shuckburgh, Lesley Dom, Liam Bevin, Lukas Scheuerle, Luke Hernandez, Markus Ploier, Oscar Cabrera, Rafael Fritsche, Samuel Till, Sultan Taha, Thomas Ecklbauer, Thomas Pichler, Vilim Muršić, Vladyslav Lychanyi and William Alexis.

Minecraft Star Wars Path of the Jedi Keyart
Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

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