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InPvP Space Race

We created the fictional city of Mineville as the backdrop for a collection of Minecraft Marketplace products.

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Inpvp Space Race Minecraft Space Racer

Throughout the three levels, players have to make use of different ways to cross parkours, from throwing teleporting ender peals, using boost pads and flying through rings.

Inpvp Space Race Minecraft Mars Shuttle Takeoff
Inpvp Space Race Minecraft Rocket Takeoff
Inpvp Space Race Minecraft Mars Base
Inpvp Space Race Minecraft Mars Shuttle
Inpvp Space Race Minecraft Portal


Antoine B., Rudi Kelly O'Keefe, Florian Funke, Julius P., Rafael Fritsche and Tilman Fukala.

Inpvp Mineville Thumbnail

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Skyblock Bundle Minecraft Keyart
Skyblock Bundle

Game Social

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