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(RED) Creator Cup

Turning Minecraft (RED). Bridging the gap between virtual and life, we raised over $600,000 USD for pandemic relief, during our two renditions of the (RED) Creator Cup.

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Supporting underfunded communities world-wide in the fight against pandemics.

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The Event

We allowed fans to directly impact gameplay through donations. In-game events, such as spawning little (RED) hearts or dropping Creepers onto players, encouraged fans to get involved directly with the on-screen action, while raising money for a good cause.

Bringing some of Twitch’s top creators together in a uniquely (RED) Minecraft competition.

Product Red Creator Cup Presenters Product Red Creator Cup Lineup Funneh Krinios Dev1ce Product Red Creator Cup Gameplay Product Red Creator Cup Minecraft Underwater Castle
Product Red Creator Cup Lobby


Albin Ullerstam, Alexey Gorbachevsky, Benjamin Grindrod, Florian Funke, Gabriel Gould, John Hoffmann, Luke Hernandez, Marius Metzger, Minh Son Vu, Nash Swiderek, Rafael Fritsche, Samuel Till, Vilim Muršić and Vladyslav Lychanyi.

Minecraft 100 Thieves Open World Underworld Nether Minecraft Castle Dragon
100 Thieves Open World

Event Game Motion Film Social

Twitch Rivals Minecraft Lando Norris Invitational Lobby
Twitch Rivals x Lando Norris

Event Game Social

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