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MCProHosting Mini-Games

MCProHosting tasked us with creating two unique mini-games based on CaptainSparklez infamous Minecraft music videos. The games would be available to all of MCProHosting's Minecraft customers.


Mcprohosting Towers Thumbnail


A fast-paced game that challenges even the best Minecraft players to come up with unique strategies to defeat their foes. Filled to the brim with fun items and power-ups, such as lucky blocks, flamethrowers, and exploding tridents.

Mcprohosting Towers Running From World Border Render
Mcprohosting Towers Mining Lucky Blocks Render
Mcprohosting Towers Flamethrower Render

The world is designed around the castle from the popular Minecraft music video ‘Fallen Kingdom’.

Mcprohosting Towers Overview Render


An exciting game that pins four teams of nether pirates against each other to battle for resources and upgrades, with the ultimate goal of knocking out the lives of your opponents' ships. Utilize your cannons and destroy their cores to win. Equipped with custom interfaces and models.

Mcprohosting Plundered Cannon Fire Render
Mcprohosting Plundered Gunpowder Standoff Render
Mcprohosting Plundered Villager Trading Render
Mcprohosting Plundered Ship Core Destruction Render

The result is a special experience, inspired by other popular Minecraft games, but with new twists, maximizing wide-spread appeal among Minecraft fans.

Mcprohosting Plundered Overview Render


Florian Funke, Jakub Stacho, Liam Bevin, Matthew Baldwin, Nash S., Rafael Fritsche, Timothy C. and Vilim Muršić.

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