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InsaneCraft Bedrock Edition

The biggest survival expansion pack on the Marketplace, taking Minecraft to a new extreme.


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Insanecraft Bedrock Keyart

The InsaneCraft pack is based on the popular Java Edition modpack and trending YouTube show with SSundee.

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Truly Insane!

It features some of the most popular themes on the Marketplace: dragons, monsters and animals, custom boss fights, weapons and TNT, portals, lucky blocks, as well as furniture, new food items, and tonnes of vehicles.

Insanecraft Bedrock Square Portal Insanecraft Bedrock Square Fist Insanecraft Bedrock Square Mech Insanecraft Bedrock Square Car Insanecraft Bedrock Square Axe Insanecraft Bedrock Square Hammer


Albin Ullerstam, Alexey Gorbachevsky, Benjamin Grindrod, Christian Zaharie, Colin D'Souza, Daniel Dalton, David Carbon, Ekain Agirre, Florian Funke, Jannis Petersen, Lesley Dom, Liam Bevin, Lukas Scheuerle, Luke Hernandez, Marcel Holler, Markus Ploier, Minh Son Vu, Rafael Fritsche, Roel Bisshops, Samuel Till, Sultan Taha, Thomas Ecklbauer, Thomas Pichler, Vilim Muršić, Vladyslav Lychanyi

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