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Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Explorers

We had the honor of creating the Minecraft Marketplace world that guided millions of players through the "Caves & Cliffs" update.

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The long awaited Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update fully released in December 2021. To celebrate its launch and to give players an idea of what the update has to offer, we created the Caves & Cliffs Explorers world.

Help a group of villagers rebuild and upgrade their collapsed village through fun quests and relaxing gameplay.

Caves And Cliffs Explorers Screenshot Amethyst Geode Deepslate
Caves And Cliffs Explorers Screenshot Axolotl Lush Cave
Caves And Cliffs Explorers Screenshot Mining Copper In Mine


The Caves & Cliffs Explorers world was downloaded over 10 million times, and the accompanying cosmetics were unlocked over 30 million times.

Caves And Cliffs Explorers Quest Completed Axolotl Onesie Caves And Cliffs Explorers Quest Amethyst Spyglass
Caves And Cliffs Explorers Quest Baby Goat Onesie

It was important to create an authentic Minecraft experience. Players should feel free to explore or to tackle the villagers’ quests one by one, each taking them on an awesome adventure, challenging their Minecraft know-how and skills along the way.

Caves And Cliffs Explorers Destroyed Houses Caves And Cliffs Explorers Repaired House Caves And Cliffs Explorers Enter Mine Caves And Cliffs Explorers Town Hall

The Animation

We got so excited about this project, we decided to celebrate it with a custom animation. Learn more about the background story of Caves & Cliffs Explorers and find out what led to the collapse of the beloved little village.


Jonathan Garvey, Florian Funke, Rafael Fritsche, Luke Hernandez, Vilim Muršić, Lesley Dom, Thomas Pichler, Colin D’Souza, Markus Ploier, Ekain Agirre, Liam Bevin, Lukas Scheuerle, Sultan Taha, Gabriel Gould, John Hoffmann, Albin Ullerstam, Jannis Petersen, Alexey Gorbachevsky, Thomas Ecklbauer, Samuel Till and Roel Bisschops.

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