Destruction in Minecraft is fun. We wanted to add multiple ways to enjoy that satisfaction by creating new and different types of TNT. We came up with 13 new designs for unique explosives, each varying in their explosive power and characteristics. Boooom!

Minecraft Tnt Thumbnail

The new explosives range from the TNT Launcher, a little device that allows players to shoot TNT, to The World Destroyer, the ultimate explosive with an impressive blast radius and other destructive features. Nothing says destruction in style more than the Rainbow TNT, showcasing its beautiful rainbow and custom particle effects. Our new TNT-proof Obsidian Armor can protect you from these blasts.

Minecraft Tnt Screenshot All TNT

Super TNT

Mega TNT

Ultimate TNT

Lava TNT

Water TNT

Fire TNT

Sticky TNT

Reverse TNT

Rainbow TNT

Minecraft TNT Screenshot Cannon Minecraft TNT Screenshot Fire Minecraft TNT Screenshot Rainbow Minecraft TNT Screenshot World Destroyer
Minecraft TNT Render


Athina L., Cristopher Sanchez, Ekain Agirre, Florian Funke, John H., Kay Hilman, Markus Sillén, Matthew Baldwin, Naarek Avagian, Rafael Fritsche, Roel Bisschops and Vilim Muršić.

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