With Planes, we added over 15 new aircraft to the game. For the first time in Minecraft players can explore the world from the skies. Innovative flying and acceleration technology powers our planes. Players enter the world, choose between the international, local, and military airport, pick between many different plane options, take it to the runway, and take-off.

Minecraft New Planes Thubmnail

Letting players soar through the skies and explore an immersive world from above.

Minecraft New Planes Screenshot 2 Minecraft New Planes Screenshot 3

15 new aircrafts, including small planes, airliners, and military fighter jets.

Minecraft New Planes Overview Minecraft New Planes Screenshot 1 Minecraft New Planes Screenshot 4 Minecraft New Planes Screenshot 5 Minecraft New Planes Runway Takeoff Minecraft New Planes Grid 2 Minecraft New Planes Grid 4


Antoine B., Arthur M., Ekain Agirre, Florian Funke, Jannis Peterson, Kay Hilman, Markus Sillén, Naarek Avagian, Nash S., Rafael Fritsche, Roel Bisschops, Taisen Schettler, Thomas Pichler, and Vilim Muršić.

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