Furniture: Tropical

To compliment the summer season, we created Furniture Tropical. It expands the game to give players access to more than 650 interactive furniture options, six awesome tropical animals, and three vehicles on a massive tropical island.

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More than 650 interactive furniture options!

Minecraft Furniture Tropical Interior Render

Furniture Tropical features a huge variety of furnishing options. Players enter the world and are greeted by a tutorial that teaches them the basic furniture tools. More advanced tools are also available. Upon finish the tutorial players are moved to a pier located on the Furniture Tropical island. From here on out they are free to do as they please. We encourage the player’s creativity and inspire them to create their own interiors and exteriors, by furnishing just a few of the areas. The furniture store allows them to pick and choose the furniture of their liking. It features every kind of furniture.

Minecraft Furniture Tropical Screenshot One

Creating easy-to-use furniture tools to enhance your experience.

Minecraft Furniture Tropical Overview Render

Design your hut.

Design your beach.

Design your campsite.

Design your villa.

Design your island.

Design your vacation.

Minecraft Furniture Tropical Screenshot Two Minecraft Furniture Tropical Screenshot Three Minecraft Furniture Tropical Screenshot Four Minecraft Furniture Tropical Screenshot Five


Cristopher Sanchez, Ekain Agirre, Florian Funke, Jace Blears, Jannis Peterson, Julius P., Liam Bevin, Matthew Baldwin, Naarek Avagian, Nash S., Rafael Fritsche, Roel Bisschops, Samuel Till, Sophie Weijers, Thomas Pichler and Vilim Muršić.

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