Witch Plan

MCProHosting is the world's largest and leading Game Server Hosting provider and we were brought in to help them promote their new 'Witch Plan' for the halloween season. We created an animation set that was then used in an ad video produced by 'Element Animation'.

Minecraft MCProHosting Witch Castle Overview Picture

The campaign created a highly successful boost in sales during the Halloween season.

Minecraft MCProHosting Witch Castle Overview Picture

We got asked to create an animation set for MCProHosting's Halloween Special 'Witch Plan' promotional video, based on their ideas for the animation, including the witch's castle exterior and interior.

Considering the limitations, but also the possibilities of taking the Minecraft build and exporting it into a 3D rendering application, we created a rundown castle, slightly overgrown and visibly through some battles. It was essential to create a believable castle, that introduced the viewer to the theme right at the beginning of the animation. For the interior, we focused on providing the best option to put the witch into action by adding a big potion pot at the center of the room.

Minecraft MCProHosting Witch Castle Interior Picture Minecraft MCProHosting Witch Castle Front View


Christian L., Florian Funke, Julius P., Minh Son Vu, Rafael Fritsche and Sophie Weijers.

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