Twitch Rivals

Lando Norris, Formula 1 driver for McLaren, invited his friends to an epic Twitch Rivals event, reaching over 1.6 million viewers, and winning $25,000 for charity. Together with Twitch and Minehut, we designed, developed, and hosted the entire event, including four new games based on fun Minecraft mechanics, like boats on slippery ice and blocks that fall when stepped on.

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Reaching 1.6 million live viewers, across all channels, in just a single event.

Four fun minigames based on fun Minecraft mechanics.

Our goal was to create four minigames for the Lando Norris Minecraft Invitational. Three games were played by all the teams, and the final one by the top two teams. In collaboration with Minehut and Twitch Rivals, we designed and developed games based on fun mechanics found inside Minecraft: Boat Rush, based on boats sliding on ice. The Walls, based on building and fighting. Bow Bash, based on Minecraft bows. TNT Dash based on blocks falling when stepped on.

Lando Norris Invitational (Twitch Rivals) - Boot Lando Norris Invitational (Twitch Rivals) - Bow Bash

"This is wild. This is one of the coolest things I think I've ever seen."

Dr. Lupo

Lando Norris Invitational (Twitch Rivals) - Walls Lando Norris Invitational (Twitch Rivals) - TNT


Bora Çil, Florian Funke, Gabriel G., Haydon Perrin, John H., Jonathan Garvey, Liam Bevin, Luke Hernandez, Markus Ploier, Nash S., Paul B., Rafael Fritsche, and Wesley S.

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