The Nexus Trials

We were tasked to take unique concepts and ideas from the client and bring them to life by imagining their scene and creating its dedicated set in Minecraft. Additionally, the story that would take place on the set would act as a central turning point in the series and needed to allow the main character to undergo a vital realisation.


We came up with the idea of a large overgrown sci-fi lair featuring the central brain, enabling us to enhance and reflect the already set-up story and world created for the Nexus Trials.

Minecraft The Nexus Trials Render Video Set Brain Front Minecraft The Nexus Trials Render Machinima Video Set Brain Top

"Working with Spark was a quick, clear and top notch experience. The work was done in a professional way and the communication was responsive. They listen very carefully and tweak everything until you're 100% satisfied. Will definitely come back to them in the future!"


Minecraft The Nexus Trials Render Machinima Set Brain Side


Richard Schmölz, Julius P., Florian Funke and Rafael Fritsche.

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