Space Race

Minecon Earth was happening for the first time and we were given the task of creating a unique and audience capturing game to be played at the InPvP booth at London's Copper Box Arena. This included coming up with a concept and the creation of the entire game, ready to be played by Minecon visitors on PCs found at the booth.

Minecraft Rocket

Imagining the perfect game for Minecraft in-person events.

Minecraft Rocket Launch

Minecraft Space Race Portal

We created a three-level jump-and-run space adventure, set on a desert planet, inside of a space station, and in outer space. Throughout the three levels, players have to make use of different ways to cross parkours, from throwing teleporting ender peals, using boost pads and flying through rings.

Minecraft Space Race Interior

The game was exclusively available to all the visitors at 'Minecon Earth' in London 2017, and was launched a month later on InPvP’s entire server network, available to all players.

Minecraft Rocket Minecraft Nova Update


Antoine B., Rudi Kelly O'Keefe, Florian Funke, Julius P., Rafael Fritsche and Tilman Fukala.

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