Space Glide

Grab your elytra and fly through space. Explore three vast worlds spread across the galaxies, including a big space station, a massive space battle and a whole solar system. Collect coins to upgrade your gear, beat your previous times and never stop having fun.

Minecraft Space Glide

Minecraft Space Glide Hyperspace

Space Glide was featured on the official Minecraft website and received widespread acclaim throughout the Minecraft community.

Minecraft Space Glide Rings Screenshot Minecraft Space Glide Space Station Interior

"This well-designed elytra map made me feel like I was maneuvering through genuinely epic space scenes. My favorite part is dipping around the planets and into what looked like hyperspace."

Content Review Team
Mojang (Minecraft)

Minecraft Space Glide Supernova Screenshot Minecraft Space Glide Battlezone Screenshot Screenshot


Naarek Avagian, Minh Son Vu, Markus Sillén, Albin U., Christian Zaharie, Richard Schmölz, Arthur M., Markus Ploier, Ekain Agirre, Antoine B., Roel Bisschops, Rafael Fritsche and Florian Funke.

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