Roman Empire

We wanted to create a product that young children can enjoy and learn from. Inspired by the Great Roman Empire and its grand architecture we set out to build a fun and engaging world. Besides historical architecture, the product would feature lots of mini-interactions and custom animals, like lions, tigers, and deer.


We designed a roman town that has all the features of a big metropolis condensed down into a smaller area to make it easier to explore.

Minecraft Roman Empire Overview

Minecraft Roman Boat

Roman Empire and all of its features make for a compelling, and hugely enjoyable experience, with additional educational values.

Minecraft Roman Empire Rich Area Screenshot Minecraft Roman Empire Gladiator Arena Screenshot Minecraft Roman Empire Forest Animals Screenshot Roman Empire Tiger, Lion and Deer Animals Screenshot


Naarek Avagian, Minh Son Vu, Sophie Weijers, Jakub Stacho, Jannis P., Valentin Beny, Antoine B., Roel Bisschops, Rafael Fritsche and Florian Funke.

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