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Starting as a pure passion project, Markus Sillen and Naarek Avagian, two of our team members, started recreating Paul Chadeisson’s concept art for the video game ‘Strike Vector’ in Minecraft. We quickly found the beauty within it and decided to fund further work on the project, making it their next big project for the team.

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Throughout many months two of our employees decided to take on a personal project in their free time to recreate one of Paul Chadeisson's concept art images for the video game 'Strike Vector'. After some progress was made, we realized the beauty in detail of the project and decided to fund the remaining work.

The NM Corporation project got acknowledged by Paul Chadeisson, the artist behind the concept art that inspired it in the first place, and got published to Minecraft Realms for millions of players to download and enjoy.
Additionally, the video game website 'Kotaku' wrote a full-length article about this project, spark squared, and making a living from Minecraft.

Minecraft Narkmark Corporation

Welcome to the NM Corporation. The company bringing transportation to the skies. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Minecraft Closeup of Vessel 181 Minecraft Vessel 181

The world was increasingly augmenting, and as the world rapidly increased in population, high demands were set upon for faster and more viable means of transportation.

The marine transportation was just not an effective method, with such rapid growth in the market. As a result, marine transportation was a time-critical situation, duly of the slow progressive mechanism that was set within the vessel ships.

Private companies began engineering new technologies as a result of necessary faster travel of goods around the globe. A private company, named NarkMark Corporation, approached an idea to many nations; they suggested that they should bring transportation to the skies, with the purpose of removing the usage of emission, and marine transportation as a whole.

After much debate, and continuous disagreements, a linear relationship was created among nations with the idea of building highly advanced floating vessels. Thenceforth, NM Corporation finally got the word to begin manufacturing highly advanced vessels, which have a distinct look.

Minecraft Vessel NM10 Blueprint Minecraft Vessel NM93 Blueprint Minecraft Vessel 181 Blueprint Minecraft Vessel LNG Blueprint


Naarek Avagian, Markus Sillén, Matteo Paolini, Antoine B., Roel Bisschops, Rafael Fritsche and Florian Funke.

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