We created a multitude of unique Minecraft games in partnership with Mobcrush who operate one of the partnered Minecraft Servers previously called InPvP. We wanted to create a link between all the games by placing them in the same fictional city of Mineville. After the successful launch and growing popularity of the games, with over half a million copies sold, the Mineville brand identity moved on to replace the InPvP name entirely.

Minecraft Mineville Thumbnail

Mineville Zoo

Minecraft Mineville Zoo Entrance Minecraft Mineville Zoo Australian Outback Minecraft Mineville Zoo Overview Minecraft Mineville Zoo Africa Zambesi Mineville Zoo Elephant Riding Screenshot Mineville Zoo Giraffes Flamingo Pelican Screenshot Mineville Zoo Killerwhale Swimming Screenshot Mineville Zoo Penguin Feeding Screenshot Mineville Zoo Tigers Jeep Tourist Screenshot

Mineville Film Studio

Minecraft Mineville Film Studios Alien Invasion Minecraft Mineville Film Studios Overview Minecraft Mineville Film Studios Close Up Minecraft Mineville Film Studios Sitcom Mineville Film Studio Horror Pennywise Screenshot Mineville Film Studios Alien Sci Fi Star Wars Screenshot Mineville Film Studios Dinosaurs Jurassic Park Screenshot Mineville Film Studios Overview Screenshot Mineville Film Studio Sitcom Big Bang Theory Screenshot

Mineville High School

Minecraft Mineville Highschool Overview Minecraft Mineville Highschool Front Mineville High School Bus Screenshot Mineville High School Classroom Screenshot Mineville High School Football Field Screenshot Mineville High School Recess Screenshot

Mineville Universtiy

Minecraft Mineville University Overview Minecraft Mineville University Flag Minecraft Mineville University Parking Lots Mineville University Campus Screenshot Mineville University Dorm Room Screenshot Mineville University Hallway Screenshot Mineville University Lecture Hall Screenshot

Mineville Summer Camp

Minecraft Mineville Summercamp Overview


Jannis Peterson, Tristan Michael Magers, Joe Paleto, Naarek Avagian, Kay Hilman, Sophie Weijers, Justin Rigal, Ricard M., Christian Zaharie, Samuel Till, Vilim Muršić, Cristopher Sanchez, Athina L., Ekain Agirre, Julius P., Antoine B., Roel Bisschops, Rafael Fritsche and Florian Funke.

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