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To all you fans of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers and streamers, to lovers of the SMP (Survival Multiplayer) genre, to the binge watching type people out there - How to Minecraft is for you. Every day, for an hour or two, over 30 players participate and livestream their perspective of a unique Minecraft survival experience. Together with them we created season 5 and season 6 of How to Minecraft.


Watch some of the biggest Minecraft content creators play in the latest season of How to Minecraft.

The vanilla world space has been limited to 750x750 blocks and can be expanded through fulfilling server-wide team-based tasks. Vendors at the spawn town market offer access to basic resources. Additionally, plugins that expand on many aspects of the vanilla game, like combat, farming, and more have been added to offer a unique twist on the otherwise always-the-same experience.

Minecraft H6M Render Gate

Minecraft H6M Render Overview

Minecraft H6m Render Spawn

Season 6 managed to gain more than 1 million views every single day, for 30 days straight.

Minecraft H6M Screenshot Farmer Minecraft H6M Screenshot Scientist Minecraft H6M Screenshot Tunnel Minecraft H6M Screenshot Under Bridge

But let’s not forget about season 5.

How to Minecraft Spawn

How to Minecraft Terrain

Creating a large open world with custom dungeons, custom mobs, and custom terrain. That's a lot of custom stuff.

We wanted to create something that featured the best ideas from the past years, add our new ideas on top and form something truly unique, fun to play and especially fun to watch. With this in mind, we created a unique playing experience featuring custom landscapes spreading over 3,500 by 3,500 blocks (1 block equals roughly 1 meter in real life), and dungeons featuring custom mobs, attacks, and puzzles. Inside of the spawn town, NPC's were able to interact with players, sell and buy items or even send them on long quests. A unique mission system was introduced to encourage world exploration.

How to Minecraft Radar

Minecraft H5m Screenshot Spawn Statue Minecraft H5m Screenshot Dungeon Grass Minecraft H5m Screenshot Spawn Bridge

Season 5 managed to gain more than 15 million views in only 30 episodes.

Minecraft H5m Screenshot Dungeon Ice Minecraft H5m Screenshot Spawn Hero Minecraft H5m Screenshot Spawn Wizard Minecraft H5m Screenshot Dungeon Hallway

Participants Season 5

Vikkstar123, Behzinga, PeteZahHutt, KYRSP33DY, AciDic BliTzz, SideArms, JeromeASF, KenworthGaming, Lachlan, Alex Ace, Austin, BionicMC, Bodil40, Brawlator, ChocoTheChocobo, CraftingVegeto, CreepersEdge, DoniBobes, Frizzlenpop, Generzon, InfamousQuiff, LaakeB, MiniiDear, Nooch, and Sigils.

Participants Season 6

AlexAce, Bajan Canadian, BasicallyIDoWrk, Bionic, Bodil40, Boomer, Brawlator, CaptainSparklez, Chanzes, Char, ChilledChaos, ChocoTheChocobo, Doni Bobes, Generzon, I AM WILDCAT, ItsPwincessly, JERICHO, JeromeASF, KYRSP33DY, Kenworth, Mini Ladd, MiniiDear, MrMEOLA, MrWoofless, Nooch, PeteZahHutt, Shubble, SideArms, Vikkstar, ZeRoyalViking, Zerkaa and fourzer0seven


Andre Dominguez, Ekain Agirre, Florian Funke, Jackson I., Julius P., Luc S., Martin Earls, Nash S., Nathan Shard and Rafael Fritsche.

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