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Lando Norris Invitational (Twitch Rivals) - Thumbnail

Producing and running a Minecraft live event for Twitch Rivals, bringing together professional racing drivers and popular live-streamers.

Twitch Rivals

Minecraft 100 Thieves Open World Underworld Render Square

Making a custom Minecraft game, featuring: Two hours of fun for live-streamers, an apparel drop, and a community get-together.

100 Thieves


Producing an exciting pirate themed strategy game for MCProHosting, the worlds biggest gaming server provider.



Supporting a 48-hour charity live stream to fund cancer research.

Gamers Beat Cancer


Designing, developing, and hosting one of the biggest Minecraft shows on YouTube.

How to Minecraft


Designing and developing a competitive game for a convention booth at Minecon Earth.

Space Race


Celebrating Minecraft's 10th Anniversary with a beautiful new build and video.

Ten Years

Minecraft Mineville Thumbnail

Creating a new brand identity for one of Minecraft's official partners through a series of innovative and refreshing products.



Bringing an epic space adventure game to life for Mobcrush, one of the official Minecraft server partners.

Space Glide


Creating a fast-paced game around the infamous Minecraft castle from 'Fallen Kingdom', one of the most popular Minecraft music videos of all time.


Minecraft Sparkasse Thumbnail

Enhancing the brand image of Germany's biggest public bank by imagining their digital branch.



Creating an engaging virtual experience to promote one of 'MooseToys' line of toys.

Prankbro Campaign

Minecraft Narkmark Corporation Thumbnail

Pushing our creative limits through an epic art recreation in Minecraft.

NM Corporation


Sparking children's interest in the history of the ancient Roman Empire.

Roman Empire


Building an animation set for MCProHostings special Halloween marketing campaign.

Witch Plan


Constructing an immersive digital set for a Minecraft machinima.

The Nexus Trials

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